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Corporate Law

We advise and represent our clients in all areas of corporate and company law. Besides drafting articles of association and partnership agreements, one of our main focuses is the negotiation and drafting of shareholders' agreements (SHA, including joint venture agreements), which focus on issues of financing, corporate governance, restrictions on the disposal of shares and exit strategies.

A large part of our legal work is dedicated to the protection of shareholders' rights, such as dividend and compensation claims or information rights, or the defence against the abuse of such rights. Our decades of experience in corporate litigation (both before state courts and arbitration tribunals) qualify us to efficiently handle such disputes, even the particularly challenging legal disputes concerning the exclusion of shareholders or the dissolution of companies.

We often assist in the appointment and dismissal of board members. In the event of claims for damages due to a breach of duty by board members, our clients not only rely on our expertise in corporate and accounting law, but also on our experience in all procedural aspects of such disputes.


In the last three decades, we have advised on a wide range of domestic and cross-border transactions - including strategic acquisitions, private equity and venture capital deals, and the establishment of joint ventures, often between parties from different countries. We have provided legal support to international institutional investors in their equity investments in a number of European, Asian and South American countries and in the exit from such investments.

We have particular expertise in corporate restructuring. We provide legal support for mergers, demergers, and changes of legal form, whether national or transnational, from the initial strategic considerations through to their implementation.

Due to our forensic expertise, we are often consulted in the post M&A disputes and engaged to assert or defend claims in public or arbitration courts.