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Teamwork - with our clients

Seeing the big picture

Well-founded legal advice requires an understanding of the economic background. Therefore, our first step is to talk to our clients about their economic interests and goals.

Especially in corporate disputes, the client is usually confronted not only with one problem, but with a bundle of interlocking challenges. In such a situation, we try to see the forest through the trees.

Determining the destination and journey together

A legal solution that only leads to further disputes does not help the client. We seek to develop an idea of what an overall solution might look like together with our clients at an early stage.

To this end, all conceivable scenarios must be considered and thought through. In doing so, we pay particular attention to providing transparent and comprehensive information on which legal risks may arise along the way and which goals are legally unachievable. After realistic goals have been jointly determined, we work out efficient solutions to upcoming problems and effectively support our clients in implementing these solutions.

Negotiating to reach the target

Success in negotiations can only be achieved in a team with our clients. Close coordination on economic issues at all times creates the basis for us to conduct negotiations in such a way that the results serve the interests of our clients in the long term.

We can look back on many years of negotiating experience. Our experience from numerous international transactions allows us to support our clients efficiently in projects abroad, knowing the prevailing customs there.

Fight for your rights

Good legal advice includes the awareness that in certain constellations further negotiation would only lead to a bad compromise or no result at all. In such a case, a lawyer should be willing and able to take legal actions. Obtaining an interim injunction or a judgment in a lawsuit can open up possible solutions that previously seemed out of reach.

In the past, we have conducted numerous complex court and arbitration disputes for clients. These have included shareholder disputes as well as corporate actions and post M&A disputes. Our profound knowledge guarantees litigation at the highest level.